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Red fox by janekjoab

I’m not fightingforwhales's anon. Please leave me alone.

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let us not compare animal suffering to which animal suffers less. this isn’t a contest any more than it is when humans do it. 

except betta fish can live perfectly healthy lives in captivity whereas orcas cannot

nobody is saying bettas are not capable of suffering or should be ignored if suffering; there’s a whole section of people on tumblr who patrol betta tags and will call out anybody who is not treating their betta properly.

this is precisely like the old (and extremely inaccurate) argument that having a pet dog is the same as keeping an orca captive; we all know that’s not true because dogs and orcas have extremely different requirements in order to remain mentally and physically healthy.

I did not say in captivity. It’s quite clear orcas do not belong in tanks.

I’m saying you can help both. Even though orcas do need more attention.

I’m not here to argue to keep them captive. I’m all for releasing those who can be released. I didn’t state it was the same at all, this was a vague statement. If you want to know how I view this please let me know and I will make a more detailed post, thanks.